transform GSO is now THRIVE Coworking


What changes should we expect with the acquisition of transform GSO by THRIVE | Coworking?

There’s nothing to fear! For the most part, it’s going to be business as usual. The tGSO team you love, the 24/7 access you want — none of that is going away. In fact, you’ll be getting even more than before, including monthly catered breakfasts, lunches and happy hours! We don’t anticipate any major disruptions — if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The main change will be the introduction of a new office-management software, OfficeRnD, to streamline operations.

Are there plans to change the membership fees?

Nope. We want to ensure a smooth transition for all members and keep things steady as she goes.

What is OfficeRnD and how will it affect us?

OfficeRnD is an industry-leading office-management software that will help manage meeting bookings, contracts, payment processing, and personal account details more efficiently. It’s honestly going to make your coworking experience smoother.

Will the culture of tGSO change under THRIVE management?

THRIVE has nothing but respect for what tGSO has built and the THRIVE culture is already perfectly in sync with it. So you can look forward to a continuation — and enhancement! — of community-focused events that foster engagement and enrich your coworking life (like those monthly catered networking get-togethers).

What are the benefits of this acquisition for tGSO members?

There is nothing but upside to this: Members can expect more networking opportunities through increased events and interactions, a seamless management experience with the new software, and a commitment to maintaining tGSO’s valued culture and environment.

How will THRIVE handle our personal data during the transition to the new software?

This is an important one! THRIVE is committed to the highest standards of data protection. All personal information will be transferred securely and will be managed with strict confidentiality, in compliance with all applicable privacy laws.

Will the location, hours or access to facilities change?

All things that fall into the “why fix it?” category: There are no current plans to change the location, operating hours, or access to existing facilities. 

Do we have member privileges at other coworking offices?

Absolutely! You’ll have member access to all THRIVE | Coworking locations, as well as workspaces affiliated with The League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LExC), which features offices across the country and even internationally.

Whom should we contact if we have any concerns or questions during the transition?

This is your community and we want to make sure you have insight into everything that’s happening. So, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact the community management team or send an email to our dedicated support team at [support email]. We are here to make sure this transition goes smoothly and address any issues you may have. We can’t wait to THRIVE with you!