Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extra fee to have access to all locations?

No! Once you are a THRIVE Member, you are a member of and have access to all locations.

Are there any startup fees?

No. Our prices are all inclusive with no hidden fees for your convenience!

Do you offer day passes?

Yes, please check with your location for pricing.

How do you price offices?

Office prices are based on square footage, number of windows, noise level, if it’s on a corner, location in general, etc. etc. As you can see, many factors go into pricing offices which means that generally we can only give a range of prices for offices upon first inquiry.

How can I book a meeting room?

Simply log into the THRIVE App to easily book meeting rooms at their convenience! Having trouble? Ask your Community Manager, and they can help you figure out the problem or book the room from their end.

How quickly do I need to book a meeting room?

Meeting rooms tend to book at least a week in advance.

What are the busiest days of the week?


Can I cancel my coworking membership at any time?

Yes! Just let your community manager know that you want to quit, and they will cancel your membership at no cost to you.

Only private office memberships require a 60-day cancellation notice

Do I need to reserve the phone booth?

No. Phone booths are available on a first come, first serve basis, so if nobody is inside, please feel free to go on in and use it!

What are generally the slowest days of the week?


Where is the Milton location?

It’s upstairs in the building next to Vintage Pizzeria on Broadwell Rd.

Did you know that the Alpharetta location is located on Milton Ave?

Haha yes – a bit confusing….it’s a very unfortunate name for that road!

How do guest passes work?

If you have a guest that will be working from the space for the day, just let your community manager know, and they will make a note of how many guest passes you have used so far that month. Each coworking membership gets at least 7 guest passes per month.

Is THRIVE opening more locations?


Are you a franchise?