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Why Coworking Spaces are Productivity Powerhouses for Modern Companies

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Coworking Spaces

The before-days are gone. Experts and workforce surveys tell us our post-COVID workplaces won’t be the same. The rise of flexible, hybrid work has meant more than safety and convenience for employees — employers are seeing a happier, more productive workforce. And coworking spaces are playing a major role. Here’s why.

“As business dynamics evolve and change in our post-pandemic world, companies are embracing new practices, including Coworking Spaces, to improve their productivity and stay competitive. But one thing many companies overlook is the physical space in which work happens. For a long time, office design and layouts have been standardized, and no one can be surprised that boring offices result in bored workers.”

This is where coworking spaces have taken the leap in revolutionizing the workplace. The modern workplace has to generate excitement, breed ideas, boost innovation, and provide amenities for the tech-savvy worker. And as people increasingly turn to becoming entrepreneurs and freelancers, they require all the facilities of an office without the burden of heavy overhead costs. Whether it’s for Gen Z workers who are just starting out or for seasoned professionals who are trying to build their vision, hybrid workspaces offer an array of office solutions that are designed to help everyone achieve success.

What Makes Coworking Spaces Great?

It can be argued that productive people can function in any kind of environment, so working spaces don’t make much of a difference. The other side of the argument, though, is that if productive people can be provided with the best working spaces, they can be even more effective at their jobs. And more satisfied.

There are tangibles and intangibles to consider when comparing coworking spaces, but it’s all about maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and experience for the users.

One of the biggest advantages is location — for instance THRIVE | Coworking offices are all located in vibrant, walkable neighborhoods. Traditional offices generally are leased for long-term, so there is no flexibility in location. As the pandemic has shown, remote work can be a great alternative to long commutes and hectic timelines. And with flexible office spaces, it’s very easy to empower employees to work from locations close by, without the burden of travel and traffic, so productivity isn’t hindered. The flexible work environment allows for focused work time, as well as collaboration with other like-minded people.

Another important advantage is that the best coworking spaces usually offer an unending supply of tea/coffee and snacks for their users (and in THRIVE’s case, monthly catered breakfast, lunches and happy hours). These amenities are a major differentiating factor among collaborative office space providers. So, whether you are a single freelancer or part of a team, coworking offices will be an oasis of productivity to get things done. Amenities also include mail delivery, 24/7 access, high-speed internet, printers, conference rooms, etc.

However focused we may be at work, it takes some human interaction and collaboration to keep us grounded. The sense of community that coworking offices offer is an invaluable benefit for professionals. Networking is an added advantage, providing an opportunity to interact with peers and to gain crucial insights.

 Coworking Spaces

Traditional Office Management

Starting a business has traditionally had huge barriers, beginning with the overhead to renting or leasing an office. This includes the additional costs for infrastructure, utilities, maintenance, etc., which could add up to a significant chunk of revenue. It can be a risky move for startups trying to keep costs down.

With furnished office space, you’re assured of the best amenities and hassle-free utilities without having to worry. For startups and small organizations, the overhead is significantly reduced while ensuring the best services to the expanding team. You pay only for the space you use, with all the amenities that are required.

As work styles and lifestyles change, enterprises, too, must keep up. Employee morale is affected a great deal by workplace ambiance, and traditional offices seem outdated and uninspired, ill-suited for great ideas and breakthrough insights. As the effects of the Great Resignation ripple out, it’s a good opportunity for organizations to revisit their employee workspaces and offer a better solution.

Advantages of Coworking Spaces

Ideas and Innovation: Teams can quickly become close-looped when ideas are not being tested enough. With coworking spaces, you are surrounded by people who can provide crucial feedback and insights into your business. In creative environments, new ideas and solutions flow. The best coworking spaces also have some elements of recreation built in for stimulation.

 Coworking Spaces

Hassle-Free Infrastructure: Physical infrastructure is crucial to help employees get the most out of their efforts and help them boost their productivity. With traditional offices, you need to rent or lease the office space for extended periods, which immediately puts a burden on your revenue. With flexible workspaces, you can simply plug into your coworking desk and get started. Your team is assured all the best amenities to help make work easier and more efficient. The professional atmosphere necessary for a productive office is combined with an inspired ambiance to provide a seamless work environment that is designed around your needs.

Work/Life Balance: Commuting is fast becoming a major reason people are quitting their jobs. As demand for talent grows, it has become important to provide employees not only great jobs but also the best environment. If they have to travel considerable distances in hectic traffic, they will be open to opportunities without the inconvenience. But work-from-home is not always an option, with its lack of professional atmosphere and distractions. Remote working is the ideal solution to providing your employees the right environment without imposing on them.

Training and Networking: A major advantage of coworking spaces is simply that they open a lot of opportunities for users to interact with others. Until recently, offices were closed spaces, where employees and teams interacted only with each other. But as recent research has repeatedly pointed out, teams work better with a little more freedom, and the best coworking spaces enable users to leverage their networks and contacts to boost their growth. Another advantage is that coworking spaces usually host events and training programs that can complete the gaps in someone’s skills/ expertise. The community at the office workspace is invaluable in supporting users as well as enterprises as a whole.

Written by Thrive Editorial

March 17, 2023

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