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THRIVE | Coworking Grand Opening in Suwanee: Elevating Workspaces with Purpose and Community

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Thrive Suwanee Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

THRIVE’s latest hybrid workspace brings coworking, private offices, networking and community-building to downtown Suwanee, GA.

Suwanee, GA — On Feb. 21, 2024, THRIVE | Coworking celebrated the grand opening of its Suwanee location, ushering in a new collaborative workspace designed to inspire and support a thriving community. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony kicked off an evening filled with food and drink, raffles and networking, emphasizing THRIVE’s commitment to community building. The two-story space, featuring open coworking areas, 35 private offices (only 10 are still available!), a Pac-Man machine, and other unique design elements, is already making waves in the vibrant Suwanee neighborhood.

Representatives from the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Authority, Gwinnett Technical College, and more attended the event, showcasing the strong support and engagement from the local community. The grand opening also included a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Warm Waves Coffee, a neighboring establishment. 

Design Elements and Member Experience 

Phoebe Vaughn, THRIVE | Suwanee Community Manager, shared insights into the distinctive features of the hybrid workspace, which is strategically designed with a quieter area on the second floor and a bustling kitchen area on the first floor, fostering a balance between focused work and community interaction. There are also three private phone booths and two conference rooms equipped with the latest technology, emphasizing the flexibility and convenience these additions bring to members. 

“We want to provide more than just functional workspaces — we want to create an inspiring environment,” says Vaughn. “The phone booths and conference rooms are just a glimpse of how we’re enhancing the overall member experience.”

In an effort to integrate THRIVE | Suwanee into the fabric of its vibrant neighborhood, Vaughn stressed the importance of understanding the local community. “Suwanee is huge on community,” she says, “and we want to reflect that in our space. With the influence of the nearby railroad, breweries, restaurants and shops, we’ve infused elements like nostalgic games and unique light features to resonate with the local vibe.”

Supporting Your Purpose 

As THRIVE values “recklessly pursuing your purpose,” as Vaughn puts it, she shared heartwarming stories of members discovering and pursuing their ambitions within the community. She highlighted a case where two members transitioned from coworking to having their own dedicated, private office spaces, showcasing the strong sense of belonging and support within THRIVE. 

“We see our members as a part of our family. Whether it’s making sure there’s always a fresh pot of coffee brewing or supporting someone’s professional growth, our goal is to be there for them,” says Vaughn. 

THRIVE is open to members 24/7, and networking events, including breakfasts, lunches and happy hours are scheduled monthly. Day passes and mail boxes for those needing a professional mailing address are also offered. Jolade P., a day-pass guest, noted the importance of proximity, vibrancy and a friendly atmosphere when choosing a coworking space. He appreciates THRIVE | Suwanee for offering a suburban location close to home, creating a positive atmosphere ideal for both self-employed individuals and those working remotely for larger corporations.

Leadership Insights From CEO Ramon Gonzalez 

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of THRIVE, Ramon Gonzalez, reflected on the evolution of THRIVE’s vision since its founding in 2015. He emphasized the commitment to creating irresistible, engaging workspaces while continuously evolving based on member feedback. The addition of a mezzanine level and diverse coworking spaces in Suwanee reflects THRIVE’s dedication to enhancing member experience. 

Gonzalez also shed light on the development of the THRIVE | Initiative, the company’s upcoming nonprofit component that aims to give back to the community through a change-roundup program. It will also develop partnerships with local retailers, providing members with discounts on goods and services, creating a symbiotic relationship between the coworking space and the neighborhood. It’s a philanthropic effort that aligns with THRIVE’s core values and offers a unique way for members to engage easily in purpose-driven activities every day.

THRIVE | Suwanee’s grand opening was not just a celebration of a new coworking space but a testament to THRIVE’s commitment to creating socially engaged environments that foster growth, collaboration and community building. With a blend of unique design elements, local integration, and a strong focus on supporting members, THRIVE | Suwanee stands poised to become a cornerstone of the community.

Written by Thrive Editorial

March 11, 2024

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