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5 Ways Coworking is Great for Students

Thrive Editorial

Coworking offers great benefits for students.

Studying in the library is so old school. Here are five reasons why students should consider upgrading their study routine with coworking.

By Namita Pakalapati

You might say libraries, coffee shops and dorm rooms fall into the Goldilocks syndrome when it comes to students trying to get some work done. One is too quiet, one is too loud, and hey … who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Coworking spaces, on the other hand, provide a positive work environment that allows students to focus on their tasks and avoid distractions. According to the Harvard Business Review, most coworking members find they are more efficient because the setting makes their work seem more meaningful and because they are part of a community.

5 Ways Coworking Works for Students

Here are five ways coworking spaces offer students a major benefit when it comes to studying:

  • Provide a more collaborative, professional environment that can help students stay motivated and on track.
  • Offer more amenities than libraries and coffee shops, such as high-speed internet, printers, and meeting rooms.
  • Deliver an opportunity for students to network with like-minded individuals.
  • Give access to mentors and other professionals who can offer guidance and advice on career paths.
  • Present opportunities for attending workshops, seminars, etc.

For students who have a lot of homework and regularly pull late-nighters, a coworking office can provide a safe space to finish their work effectively. Coworking also provides a great environment for team projects and learning, offering indispensable resources such as­­ high-speed wi-fi, printers, scanners and comfortable, ergonomic desks and chairs. Not to mention bottomless cups of coffee and snacks.

Coworking provides a great space for team projects, as well as opportunities for networking and mentorship.

Community, Networking and Mentorship

Coworking offices can also provide students with a sense of community. Working alongside other motivated individuals allows for the sharing of ideas and the ability to collaborate on team projects and build relationships that can last beyond the school year. And coworking offers a more professional backdrop than a library or coffee shop. This can be especially beneficial for students who are looking to network and build their career skills, since students can meet and interact with professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds who can offer guidance and advice on their career paths.

It’s an easy way to expand professional networks, increase business referrals, launch a startup, or find a mentor. Students can meet new people by joining events, socializing with other members, and seeking mentorship and advice. Coworking spaces also offer students the opportunity to attend workshops, seminars and other events that can help them develop new skills and knowledge. THRIVE | Coworking caters free monthly breakfasts, lunches and happy hours, making meeting other members a fun and easy process (not to mention a great opportunity to do some carbo-loading).

How Does the Library Stack Up?

Of course, there’s always the library. Libraries are great when students want to focus with little distraction. However, students may find it difficult to get comfortable in a library — most libraries don’t allow food or drinks inside, and their hours are limited, so pulling a late-night study session might be impossible (THRIVE | Coworking is open 24/7 to members). The wi-fi at the library may not be as reliable, as well, and shh … don’t forget you have to be quiet. At a coworking space, you can collaborate with friends, help yourself to the food and drinks provided, and stay in a safe and secure  workspace. Coworking offices are designed to be inspiring, while still being dedicated to distraction-free work.

A concern that many students may face when deciding to use a coworking space is the price. At THRIVE | Coworking, monthly plans vary in cost and day passes are about $25. Not much more than what you’d pay for a couple drinks and a wrap at a coffee shop. And if you really wanted to maximize your visit, check out the THRIVE location’s calendar and schedule your sessions for the days of catered events. By timing them with these days, students can make the most out of their day pass and use it as an opportunity to expand their network with professionals.

THRIVE | Coworking offers catered events to build community. And do some carbo-loading.

Location, Location, Location

THRIVE | Coworking locations are also conveniently set in vibrant, smaller market downtowns, offering the convenience of walkability, plentiful public transportation, and a wide range of neighborhood restaurants and shops. Numerous campuses are situated near our workspaces, too, such as the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC, and Lenoir-Rhyne University in Asheville, NC. THRIVE |Chapel Hill, located near the University of North Carolina, opens later this year.

Coworking spaces offer many benefits for students, including a positive work environment, access to resources, a sense of community, and the opportunity to network with professionals. These spaces are designed to be inspirational and conducive to focused work, and they offer a variety of amenities, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and snacks and beverages. Coworking also provides an opportunity for students to meet and collaborate with like-minded members, which can help them stay motivated and on track as they move toward future careers.

Written by Thrive Editorial

February 15, 2024

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