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Q&A With THRIVE | Greenville Community Manager Kaytlin Cook

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THRIVE | Greenville Community Manager Kaytlin Cook

The heart and soul of THRIVE are our Community Managers — ringleaders and ringmasters rolled into one. They are here to rock your world, simplify your life, restore your faith in humanity, and basically make your THRIVE experience a bowl of cherries. Minus the pits. Take a moment to meet one of the family.

What’s your hometown?

While my family did move around a bit in Florida while I was young, I would say I spent enough of my formative years in Greenville, SC, to claim it as my hometown.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs! I would feel sorry for cats but they have a small-but-devoted following. I am a very involved dog aunt to the two precious, perfect angels.

Rylee, left, and Joey are devoted to their auntie Kaytlin, too.

Cake or pie or cookies?

Are you kidding? There is only one answer and that is Publix chocolate chip cookies. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Most used app on your phone?

Wanted to put something interesting here, but it’s Instagram. There is no competition.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sunsets! There is nothing like driving, listening to good music while the sun is setting. Plus, voting sunrise would imply that I am typically awake to see them.

What’s your musical jam?

It’s all over the board. Depending on the day it may be Zach Bryan/Kacey Musgraves or a Broadway soundtrack (PSA: Beetlejuice the Musical is a top-tier soundtrack) or, most shockingly, I know, Taylor Swift. Lots of Taylor Swift.

What song do you want everyone to know?

Best Day Ever by Mac Miller or Wide Open Spaces by The Chicks. You cannot listen to either of those songs without smiling.

Have you ever gotten someone’s autograph or a celebrity selfie?

Sooo, I have never gotten an autograph or a selfie, but I did end up on stage at a Meghan Trainor concert (weird flex, I know).

Whom do people say you look like?

There’s a lot of debate on this one. I don’t typically get that I look like anyone, family members included. However, I used to get that I looked like this actress from Knives Out, but I think that’s just a blue eyes, curly brown hair thing.

Katherine Langford in the whodunnit film Knives Out.

What’s your favorite neighborhood shop/restaurant?

I have to say Corona Mexican Restaurant. Find me there every Friday night!

What’s your favorite comedy film?

It’s gotta be Superbad. Putting Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Seth Rogan and Emma Stone in a film together should be ILLEGAL. 

Most prized possession?

My grandma’s jewelry! I love having something I can wear every day that she used to wear.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

This could be a long list if I let it. McDonald’s, late-night drives on a week night, and movie marathons.

Where’s your happy place?

Probably my couch, in my pajamas, with a book, and zero other plans.

What’s your motto or favorite saying?

Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.

Do you have a nickname (and how’d you get it)?

There have always been people who randomly started calling me KK, which truthfully, I always kind of hated until my sweet and perfect nephew, Grady, started calling me KK. Now it’s the best nickname ever.

The nickname “KK” works for Grady … and for Kaytlin.

What absolutely excites you right now?

All the learning and growing happening right now in my life! I feel like your 20s are an interesting time, but I am very blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who all are shaping me into who I am becoming!

What skill do you think it takes to be a great Community Manager?

Well first and foremost, knowing how to make coffee is a MUST. These people love their coffee. But really, I think a heart for people is non-negotiable, and the ability to juggle different tasks in different buckets. Also, quick problem solving!

What’s the least obvious skill does it takes to be a great Community Manager?

Willingness to try and do something you have never done before. Like fixing a leaking beverage fridge. Or putting together a coffee table. You get the idea.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but …

I really enjoy bouldering! It’s been my favorite hobby I have picked up recently.

Written by Thrive Editorial

January 12, 2024

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