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Meet Your Tribe: Q&A With THRIVE | Gainesville’s Melissa LeEllen

Thrive Editorial

The THRIVE tribe is an eclectic and talented community of doers and achievers, passionate about their field and committed to a new way of working and collaborating. Take a moment to meet one of the family.

Melissa LeEllen, Creative Global Entertainment

Tell us a little bit about what you do.

We help transform a business into a global sensation using brand-elevation marketing. Our day consists of elevating a client’s marketing game, reaching their goals, and attaining new heights in their industry.

How did you end up at THRIVE?

We ended up at THRIVE by attending an after-hours networking event hosted by the Greater Hall County Chamber of Commerce. THRIVE was the featured sponsor and the rest is history! We couldn’t wait to join.

What’s your hometown?

Gainesville, GA, by way of Los Angeles/Atlanta, and born in Aiken, SC.

Do you have a pet?

We have a bunny named Dandi! She’s a 5-year-old Angora lop. She’s on Instagram at Dandi_fluffybunny.

Happy birthday, Dandi!

Which do you prefer: cake, pie or cookies?


Tell us about your favorite dessert.

We make homemade chocolate-chip cookies from a recipe we have perfected over the past few years. The cookies are made with Tillamook butter, King Arthur flour, local farm-raised eggs, Hershey’s chocolate, and lots of love! <3

What is the most-used app on your phone?

ALL of the social media platforms!

Sunrise or sunset?


What’s your musical jam?

I love Harry Styles and Jesse Biondi! And a playlist on Spotify called “Manifest Greatness.”

Whose autograph or celebrity selfie do you have?

Ashton Kutcher, Peter Facinelli, Howie Mandel, Rob Moran, Romany Malco, Ying Yang Twins, Emily VanCamp, Tom Felton.

Melissa and Howie Mandel, and …
… Ashton Kutcher, and …
… Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton. And …
… Peter Facinelli from the Twilight film series. And there are more … you’ll have to ask Melissa to share.

Who do people say you look like?

I would say “Melissa LeEllen” hahahah!

What is your favorite local shop or restaurant?

Sushi Burrito and Dress Up!

What’s your favorite local Gainesville event?

First Fridays on the square!

Favorite drink for hanging out?

Pinot noir from Oregon because it’s the best!

When it comes to movies you are more a fan of …

Romantic comedy.

Favorite series?

This is a tough one! I would have to say The Morning Show on Apple TV+.

Do you have a nickname (and how’d you get it)?

Melo (I am not a mellow person, but I can’t stand Mel and it’s a play on my adventurous side). I got it when I lived in Los Angeles.

Most-prized possession?

My Discovery Channel Naked and Afraid necklace for completing the challenge and making it all 21 days!

[Melissa was on the show airing in 2017 and survived predators and extreme hunger in the Panamanian jungle — Ed.]

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Eating Tillamook ice cream, topped with our gooey homemade chocolate-chip cookies, drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate and caramel.

What’s your favorite saying?

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, for courage and determination will pave the way to success. Fear may knock at the door, but it’s up to you whether to let it in or show it the way out. Keep moving forward with faith and bravery, and you’ll overcome any obstacle in your path.” — Melissa LeEllen

What absolutely excites you right now?

The future of Creative Global Entertainment!

“You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but…”

I created and published my own comic book series, called Deadly Crimson!

Written by Thrive Editorial

March 29, 2023

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