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How to Re-do Your HQ

Eric Hiss

Re-do Your HQ

A private office at THRIVE | Coworking can make a bold statement about your brand. So whether you’re upgrading from a workstation or downsizing from a corporate office, here are a few tips on how to personalize your new space.

Now that you’ve got your own THRIVE | Coworking space, you may be wondering how you can customize it to best represent you and your brand. Whether your style is classic, cozy, contemporary or something in between, there are endless clever and surprising ways you can dress-to-impress your space for clients as well as for your own sense of pride in your new headquarters.

Desktop: The Main Event

This is where you’ll most likely be taking and making calls, meeting with clients and colleagues, and coming up with your next Big Idea. So why not have a little inspiration — and maybe even a little humor and whimsy — right at hand. Considering we’re talking about some rather limited real estate here, it’s impressive how many items fall into this category.

For starters, there are the essentials including pen and card holders, letter trays and desktop organizers. Sure, you can go basic like what you’ve seen in office supply stores, or you can up your desktop game with novelties ranging from a 3D-printed Darth Vader pen holder to a personalized mobile-phone charging/docking station. For items like monitor stands and desk trays, consider options that match stylish form with function, like a handcrafted wood-and-marble circle design from Mark & Graham.

Walls: Wall-to-Wall Style

Vintage frames, collectible graphics, cool clocks, oh my … where to begin? Well, we have some ideas. Nothing makes a statement more quickly than powerful visuals. So, we’re definitely not talking about those tired prints you’ve seen in the doctor’s office. For better optics, go to a resource like Artfinder and buy unique pieces directly from artists (hot tip: Check out the cool selections for under $100). We also love the great collection of motivational wall art you can find on sites like Etsy, which pair perfectly with a work environment.

Re-do Your HQ
Professional Certified Coach Nicole Comis upgraded her private office at THRIVE | Alpharetta with custom-made shelving (built by her dad!). Photo: Susan Ahn

Far from being just functional, shelves can also make a stand-out statement. From reclaimed solid-pine floating shelves to geometrics like rounds and cubes, stylish shelves are the ultimate multitaskers for storing file boxes, awards, curios and more. And even in the digital age, there’s something timeless about a wall clock, especially when there are so many great options available, like the swank marble and brass design offered by CB2.

Lighting: Bright Ideas

If graphics set the tone of your space, it’s definitely lighting that sets the mood. Whether you’re looking for brash and bold lighting and fixtures or prefer something softer that complements or replicates natural light and a more organic feel, you’ll be happy to know your only challenge is having to choose from so many options. That said, design experts note there are basically three categories of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

Re-do Your HQ

Ambient lighting generally involves options like overhead fixtures, so you’ll mostly be focused on task and accent lighting. Task lighting is what you might think: Primarily desk and floor lamps that come in myriad designs and styles that shine a light on your job at hand. From swing-arm architect styles that clamp to various surfaces to desk lamps that double as phone chargers, big retailers like Target usually have a nice array of designs at reasonable prices. If you’re more partial to sleek and chic, brands like Adesso and sites like West Elm offer both task and ambient options that shine a light on your love of great design.

Accents: Put Some Flair There

If there is one area where you can really let your personality shine, it’s accents that maybe have no professional application per se, but are simply cool items that in the immortal words of Marie Kondo, “bring you joy.” Nothing wrong with that. What we’re talking about are elements like area rugs, funky finds and houseplants. As for area rugs, they can make your office pop with color or unique designs without overwhelming smaller spaces. Check out what’s on offer at sites like Rugs Direct.

As for funky finds, you’re virtually guaranteed to win grins with accents like a disco ball planter hanger or throw pillows shaped like donuts or domestic pets that are there for your discovery on maker sites like Etsy and Zazzle. Houseplants and greenery inside the office are another feel-good accent trending for some great reasons: They bring some natural beauty inside, reduce stress, and even improve air quality. And don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself much of a green thumb, there are plenty of online tutorials to get you growing.

Best of luck on styling your office!

Written by Eric Hiss

January 13, 2023

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