THRIVE | Holly Springs

Welcome to THRIVE | Holly Springs!
We’re so excited that you’ve chosen us as your HQ. We’re here to rehumanize work — to create a stylish, comfortable, efficient, convenient and welcoming space for you to get down to business. We’ll handle the hassles, the loads, the logistics of managing the office while you fly high and do what you do best. And we encourage you to take advantage of our built-in networking community of like-minded professionals across a wide range of fields. Who knows what collaborations are possible?

You might not refer to us as your THRIVE family yet … but just give it a few happy hours.


Your Community Manager

Deadra Ussery

THRIVE | Holly Springs

300 S. Main St., Suite 212, Holly Springs, NC 27540


THRIVE | Holly Springs is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9am–5pm — but as a Member, you have 24/7/365 access.

Parking | Directions

There is a large parking lot behind our building off Avent Ferry Road. You can also use the parking garage located by the Town Commons.


OfficeRnD is your go-to platform for just about everything related to your coworking experience: billing, maintenance requests, booking a meeting room, and more. It’s software designed specifically for the hybrid workplace, so it’s easy to use and efficient … kind of the whole point of THRIVE in a nutshell!

Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi network is Thrive Members and the password is ThriveFamilyHS


Send Documents via Email: Attach document(s) to an email and send the email to [email protected].
View Order & Customize: Open the auto-response email, click the checkout link, and customize your print options.
Press Print: Select “Checkout & Get Release Code.”


Do you have checks rolling in from clients? We love that! So we provide you a secure, professional mailing address, to make sure that everything that’s sent to you, gets to you. Need some outgoing mail handled? A pickup from a shipping service? We’ve got you covered there, too. Check in with your CM about how and where to pick up or send mail and packages.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting and conference rooms do require a reservation — you can book one through the website or OfficeRnD. Please be sure to clean up and leave no trace behind: wipe down whiteboards, put trash in receptacles, etc. There may be a $75 cleaning charge if things are a mess.

You’ll see the Medium Conference Room when you enter the space (it has two garage doors). Conference Room A is located to the right of the hallway along the windows, and Conference Room B is located to the left by the hallway going toward the offices.

On the monitor you’ll see the website and there will be a code to screen share. Plug into the HDMI and USB cords for sound and camera use.

Cancellations can be done through OfficeRnD. You can cancel your booking up to seven days before your reserved time for a full refund. Less than a week’s notice, up to 24 hours out, will result in a 50 percent refund. And if you have to cancel within 24 hours of your reservation, then a refund is not available. So, heck, you might as well just keep the room, spread out, and get some work done.


Doors are open Monday through Friday, 8am–5:30pm. You will receive Kisi access through email, which will be sent from your CM.


The cafe area is located across the hall from the front lobby doors. Our kitchen is equipped with dishes, utensils, a dishwasher, fridge and a microwave. Please remember to put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and always keep in mind this is a shared space.


We take your security seriously so we safeguard your payment info. We also ask that any door that automatically locks is not left propped open. And if you do happen to be burning the midnight oil and taking advantage of our 24/7 access, always be aware of your surroundings and take the following precautions:

  •     Let someone know where you are.
  •     Try to coordinate with other after-hours workers.
  •     Park your car in a well-lit area near the building.
  •     Know where the emergency exits are located.
  •     Know who to reach in case of an emergency.
  •     Never share your plans to work late or alone with strangers.
  •     If you see a suspicious person, notify security or law enforcement.
  •     Always keep your phone with you.
  •     Before you leave, let someone know you are on your way home — better yet, call a friend or family member and have them virtually walk you out.
  •     Check inside and around your car before getting in, and immediately lock the doors once inside.

    THRIVE | Fundamentals

    We keep it simple: Respect … Responsibility … Recognition.

    Respect the space and your fellow Members who are using it. Be responsible for being a good steward of your community. Recognize when you might be failing to live up to your commitment to a thriving workplace.

    Together we make THRIVE a special place to maintain a healthy work/life balance.


    Have more questions? We love how inquisitive you are! You can check out some FAQs right here.