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Who we are looking for: 

We are looking for a talented individual interested in helping us serve + grow the community @ our THRIVE | Canton location. Whoever joins our team will need to be be organized, be a self starter who wants to learn and grow in their career, have a heart and talent for hospitality and a “think outside the box” mentality. THRIVE | Canton is one of 4 current locations in operation with two more, downtown Roswell and downtown Duluth, in the development phase. Please review the below for an outline of the core responsibilities associated with the position:




  • Quarterly Events

  • 3 Monthly Events (Breakfast, Lunch, Happy Hour)


  • Planning of logistics of hosting the physical event

    • Pre Event Planning

      • Food ordering, equipment sourcing, music coordination, gaming sourcing etc…


  • Send Marketing Department

    • Event description to be used for flyer, web, social, member portal


  • Set Up + Break Down

    • Handled by CM, help requested within the unit as needed

Build Relationships

  • One on One Conversations, introductions, surprise lunches

Member Communications

  • Weekly Newsletter Content

    • Communicate content to marketing for weekly newsletter creation

  • One Time Notifications

    • Inclement Weather

    • Holiday Schedule

Local Business Outreach

  • Reach out to local businesses to discuss member discounts, event collaboration, catering opportunities etc..


Mailbox Member Services

  • Package Delivery

  • Mail Sorting

Meeting Room Services

  • Questions, troubleshooting + equipment testing, walkthroughs of space etc


  • Music sound level + playlist management

  • Music system troubleshooting


  • Reporting wifi issues to IT team

Member Complaints + Request

  • Request – complete if pre approved item and in budget

  • Complaint – address quickly, offer a token of regret (gift card)


Space Upkeep

  • Snacks stocked, trash cans emptied, coffee is full, and bathrooms are tidy, meeting rooms reorganized + cleaned, cleaning spills + breaks, check our facility assistant’s work.

Space Maintenance

  • Maintenance coordination

  • Furniture, Fixture + Equipment Repair/Replacement

Space Improvements

  • Research solutions on little space improvements (i.e. the smell of a lobby, or the snacks we provide, or improving the sound booths, etc.

Inventory Management – Supplies

  • Printer ink, pens, markers, posted notes, paper clips etc


Lead Inquiries

  • Handle all lead inquiries with objective to schedule a tour

  • Available Offices Protocol

  • No Available Offices Protocol


  • Scheduled

  • Walk-Ins

New Member Sign Up + Set Up

  • Mailbox

    • Complete sign up, fill out online form, and collect payment

    • Inform how to access mail, access space etc..

  • Coworking

    • Complete sign up and collect payment

    • Give onboarding materials

    • Access Control

    • Review features of membership app

  •  Non-Member Meeting Room Bookings

    • Complete sign up + collect payment

    • Access control

    • Show how to use the equipment

    • Show where things are in the space

Inventory Management – Supplies

  • Printer ink, pens, markers, posted notes, paper clips etc


Office Member Move-In’s

  • Set up on Wifi, reminder tour, keys + bldg access, make sure desks are all set, correct desks in place

  • Ethernet, TV mounting, furniture, Office Door Names, Glass Frosting

Member Terminations

  • Mailbox + Coworking

Office Member Move-Out’s

  • Reporting turnover work to Facilities Assistant

  • Reporting security deposit claim to Accounting Assistant



  • Unit + Cross department collaboration is needed from time to time to improve operations and to complete projects.

Expense Reporting

  • Complete weekly expense reports issued by accounting

Check Deposits

  • Delivering checks to Accounting and notifying accounting assistant


Space Upkeep + Improvements

  • Morning + Mid Day

  • Weekly

  • Monthly + As Needed

    • Paint touch up

Review of Weekly Office Clean

  • Make sure the following items are done:

    • Floors vacuumed and mopped

    • Restrooms deep cleaned

    • Glass Cleared of Writing

    • Cafe Areas Cleaned